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In this main resource page, if you look, you'll notice several useful pages and ebooks in order to gain knowledge and help you with your goal. 

Take some time to look through each, some of these are entirely free with no catch at all. So definitely take advantage of it while you're here.

One of the first E Books I've written. Each day has it's own workout. Super minimal equipment. Pair of DBs, Jump Rope, a Pull Up Bar is essentially what you need. This book is great if you're short on time or on vacation. Download this here, it's free.

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In todays world, carbs are a hot topic. Here I give you 5 facts about carbs that you should know in order to help you understand it better. This little tid-bit should help keep you in-check but also anyone who asks/ or doesn't know any better, feel free to share this info with them.

Image by Octavian Dan

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