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Carb Cycling
Guide Pack



Best Value for you! 

Get both Guides for an awesome price! 


Adding both of these guides to your arsenal of methods to diet, and not just some cheesy or boring or unsustainable diet but a custom made diet FOR YOU!


Not to mention, you'll receive:

A Macro Cheat Sheet

A specific Macro Calculator, one for each guide

2 Different Formulas for Maintenance & Cutting

2 Recipe Books (pdf format)

Recommended Grocery List

Recommended Macro Tracker App


Carb Cycling Guide - 54 pages filled with everything you need to know about how & why carb cycling works + the secret sauce (formula)


3 Different Carb Cycling Formulas: fat loss, muscle gain, and maintenance


Learn how to create your own macros based off this method and how to modify it to suit your goal and progress and body

​Macro Cheat Sheet & Recommended Grocery List

​Macro Calculator 

​Sample Meal Plan


1 Month FREE of Online Programming

State of the Art Workout Tracker App

Demo Videos


Attach Photos/Videos of your own

5 Different Programs for variety of training goals

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